We take a balanced approach to optimizing websites.

Good questions, contextual data, and quality design enable business growth by creating experiences that equitably address the needs of the user, brand, and bottom line.

All of these needs must be in balance. To find that balance, we listen to and advise our clients as if they are part of our own team.

We have 4 pillars.

  1. Integrity

    Be “people-first” and do what leads to the best outcome for the client, users, partners, and our team. Think long-term and consider how to best help others accomplish their goals.

  2. Pragmatism

    Don’t try to boil the ocean. Design custom solutions where needed, but don’t lose sight of simple ways to address challenges. The best answers aren't always complex.

  3. Creativity

    Being data-driven doesn’t mean being boring. Find ways to solve problems in unique ways and create things that people enjoy.

  4. Curiosity

    Always ask questions and explore the "why" behind things that pique your interest. We strive for continual learning, both personally and professionally.

chairs in a coworking space overlooking the tokyo skyline
Peter Bender from Sitelogic

We are team of t-shaped digital professionals.

Sitelogic is operated by Peter Bender with the support of a curated team of experienced, independent digital strategists, analysts, designers, and developers. We began in 2018 as a web design and strategy agency and have since refined our offerings to what you see today.

Peter started as an SEO content writer in 2008 and has been working in the digital space ever since. He has experience with big brands such as Capital One, Hanes, L’Oréal, and Unilever, as well as professional service firms, e-commerce retailers, and growth-minded startups. At his core, he is a strategist with a hybrid background in Analytics, Brand Consulting, SEO, UX, UI, and Front-end Technologies.

It’s our team’s well-rounded perspective and ability to “connect the dots” that brings unique value to our clients… and perhaps the volume of coffee consumed.

We have a network of incredible partners.

If you need some recommendations, these are our go-to people across advertising, branding, illustration, social, photography, video, custom development work, and more. We'd be happy to make an introduction.

We aim to educate while collaborating.

Sometimes, you just want the highlights and to know what to you should do. Other times, you might have the time, bandwidth, and interest to dive into the details.

Our team will offer you as much or as little detail as desired for the stakeholders involved.

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