Elysian Brewing

Welcome to the Bodanka

Sitelogic, Stout Collective, and Birds & Kings teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind site to support the line extension of Elysian's Space Dust IPA.

The Challenge

Elysian had big news to share. They needed to both introduce a new spinoff from a flagship beer and announce a partnership with Action Bronson. Their internal creative team had come up with the concept of the "Bodanka" to represent all things Dank Dust. The challenge was finding a way to bring an online bodega (we mean, Bodanka) to life in a consumer-friendly way.

The deadline was firm, and driven by a national PR campaign towards the end of April. It was less than a month away, so the timeline was tight. Elysian needed the right balance of creativity and pragmatic execution to launch in time.

The Solution




Stout Collective, Birds & Kings

We moved. Quickly. The first decision was to lean heavily into throwback web 1.0-styling as a nod to Elysian's origins in the 90s. We decided to not only build a microsite, but to build a virtual corner store to house all things Dank Dust. We wanted it to feel like GeoCities meets an 8-bit video game.

We hit the ground running with our collaborative design process. Birds & Kings started by creating the individual assets, Stout oversaw creative direction and wrote the copy, and Sitelogic’s custom Wordpress development translated this weird world into a responsive UI and developed site.

While quirky and focused on awareness of the Dank Dust launch, the site still needed to be usable. It contains key information about the beer, merch, and recipes in collaboration with Action Bronson. Even with the unconventional design, the site’s performance and accessibility are top notch, too.

Because a website is meant to help the business, we also built a simple (and equally quirky) analytics dashboard for the Elysian team to keep tabs on website progress alongside the overarching national campaign.


days from kickoff to launch
media mentions within a week
Visit dankdust.com