Other Half Brewing

Making Landing Pages Less Boring

Sitelogic was brought on by Stout Collective to work with a team of creative partners in bringing Other Half's zany, nostalgia-drenched beer festivals from Brooklyn to the web.

The Challenge

COVID-19 clearly had an unprecedented impact on many industries, one of which was craft beer. Other Half, one of the most buzzworthy hop-centric breweries in the country, had a reputation for epic (that word is not used lightly here) festivals full of big beers and crazy antics.

They needed a safe alternative to hosting parties in Brooklyn.

The Solution


Static HTML/CSS, Netlify, GSAP


Stout Collective

Stout Collective and a team of partners came up with a plan to bring this wild world to life in the virtual world.

Sitelogic had the pleasure to collaborate with the team in taking these beers virtual. The pages required a quick turnaround and, most importantly, had to convey the unique aesthetic established by Stout Collective and their partners.

We may or may not have made a scroll-triggered gasoline explosion. There may or may not have been a pesky parrot guiding unsuspecting beer nerds to the hidden treasure of Pastrytown. Other Half may or may not have sold out almost immediately regardless of whether or not we were involved ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No matter what, we had a great time thinking beyond the typical landing page and hope these little sites did at least a small piece of justice to the awesome work from our partners.

"Sitelogic is a rare breed that combines real data with strategic thinking and creative problem solving to meet our client's needs, or help to define what those needs are in the first place."
Matt Tanaka
Founder, Stout Collective
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