Informed Digital Decision-Making

SOLO Cup and Sitelogic partnered to take a closer look at how consumer-focused digital initiatives should be prioritized and measured.

The Challenge

With limited availability and some lofty growth goals, the web team at SOLO Cup faced a challenge in prioritizing their budgets and efforts. They sought to develop a more cohesive digital narrative and use concrete information to make decisions about where to focus.

The problem was: this information wasn't readily available and there was no available bandwidth to figure out how to get it.

The Solution


Google Marketing Platform

Through a series of workshops, planning sessions, and digital coaching, the team created an ongoing partnership to support iteration across multiple digital touchpoints.

This included:

  • Custom tagging analytics dashboards built to measure progress against top-level business goals
  • A digital brand guide to align internal teams and external partners on SOLO's messaging and visuals
  • Layouts for story-focused pages within a new cause-driven apparel site
  • UX analysis and recommendations for the flagship website
“When the SOLO team set our digital transformation goals, our initiatives were prone to stalls due to lack of internal expertise or lack of confidence in our agenda. With Sitelogic, we were able to swiftly put touchpoint implementation behind us and focus on the portrayal of the vision for long-term digital growth."
Brea Keating
Sr. Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Manager