Our Purpose: Defining Why Over What

June 8, 2021

Sitelogic has hit its 3-year mark and we’re taking a look at the past in order to plan for the future. We’ve helped over 50 clients solve problems across the web. We've collaborated with 9 partner agencies, launched more than two dozen new websites, won a Gold at the W3 awards (our only submission...we probably should do more of that), and have become a steady Google and Shopify partner. What was originally a one-man band became a team of two at the end of 2020, and we’re charting the path for what’s next.

50+ Clients

9 Agency Partners

25+ New Sites

Shopify Partners Logo White

A Renewed Purpose

The agency started with the idea that there could be a better approach to building and improving websites. We believed this all along but have never taken the time to formalize the why behind the what. We had been too busy helping our clients to spend time considering why we exist.

Originally, we were motivated by our dissatisfaction with the inefficiencies and blind spots we saw in other approaches. Across the industry, we saw things like:

  • Design decisions made without regard for the underlying technology
  • Legacy platforms that stifle the creativity of designers
  • Search optimized copy that ignores the brand and user needs
  • Analytics reporting that prioritizes vanity metrics over business value
  • Starting with tactics and retrofitting strategies
  • We could go on and on...

At three years in, we've realized the "better approach" we always sought (and have now refined) is all about balance. In every engagement, we pursue a balanced focus on the needs of the business, its brand, and the end-user.

This has led us to focus our message and define our purpose:

We exist to restore balance to all things digital. We believe that good questions and good design enable business growth by creating experiences that consider the needs of the user, brand, and bottom line. All of these must be in balance.

We love exploring pragmatic solutions for businesses seeking digital growth. We’re not afraid to ask the question, “what is the most practical way to achieve a positive outcome?” If we can create an exceptional user experience by making minor tweaks to an existing website, that's great. Perhaps some robot-sounding copy needs to be replaced with a human-first SEO strategy. If it's going to take an overhaul of the UI to accurately reflect a brand's unique place in the market, then that should be on the table.

We help our clients understand the different options and the associated pros and cons. We're realists and we want to help other like-minded people make informed decisions.

A New Look

As part of our introspection, we enlisted the help of Studio Malt to translate this purpose into a visual identity. Malt led us through a design discovery process that resulted in a new logo, color palette, and brand style guide to ensure visual consistency moving forward.

The icon is inspired by the invisible grid systems behind web layouts, includes a subtle visual reference to our ability to fix problems, and hints at constant forward motion while maintaining balance. It's a simple visual that profoundly represents who we are at Sitelogic.

Looking Forward

Moving forward, we will continue to solve problems with the same creativity and pragmatic approach, but with a more intentional focus on our sense of purpose.

If you'd like to come along for the ride (and help us shape the future as a team member, partner, or client), you're always welcome to drop us a note. We welcome collaborators of all kinds who want to join in supporting our purpose.